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Great Prose and Poetry

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If - Rudyard Kipling

. . . If you can dream---and not make dreams your master;
If you can think---and not make thoughts your aim,
If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
And treat those two impostors just the same:.
If you can bear to hear the truth you've spoken
Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,
Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken,
And stoop and build'em up with worn-out tools; . . .


Great Prose and Poetry
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(Contains: nudity, sexual themes and strong language)

     Light glinting off metal was Johanna Spenser’s first glimpse of the cage. It sat in the middle of what used to be a library beneath a broken skylight. Dust motes floated in the air as the afternoon sun washed the room with heat and hazy light.

    Johanna stepped closer, out of the glare. When her eyes had adjusted she saw him. Rushing forward she dropped to her knees. “Kai! Kai, can you hear me?”

    Kai lay unmoving on the floor of the cage, his skin an alarming shade of gray, veins showing stark beneath. He’d been shot multiple times and his shirt was soaked with blood. Some of the ragged wounds were still oozing blood.

    Johanna’s skin turned to ice. The world grayed at the edges for a moment or two. How long had he been like this? Was she in time? She had to get him out of the sun.

    Opening her backpack, she took out her tools and got to work on the lock of the cage.


    Kai regained consciousness the way he always did. Out one moment then alert the next. Pain registered first―a raw, all compassing ache—followed by the knowledge that he was not alone. He could hear breathing and the soft rasp of something sharp. The warm body scent that greeted his nose was both longed for and familiar.


    “I’m getting you out of there,” she answered. “Any minute now, okay.”

    “Anna . . . you got away.” Relief made him dizzy. His heart fibrillated a little bit.

    Almost twenty-two hours ago, he’d gotten a text instructing him to come to this address if he wanted his girlfriend to live. A picture of Johanna, handcuffed and unconscious, had accompanied the text. “Are you okay, love? Did they hurt you?”

    “No. But I’m guessing I escaped before they could. Do you know what’s going on Kai? Who the hell are these people? Why’d they do this to you?”

    “Don’t know who they are but they know what I am. They had this cage all ready, both as a death trap and for their own protection. Basically, they want me and all my kind dead.”

    “And they used me as bait!” Kai heard the change in her breathing and knew that she was struggling to keep calm. “I kept trying to figure out why I’d been kidnapped. But the two creepers who grabbed me were careful not to say anything. When I escaped and couldn’t find you, I knew something had to have happened to you.”

    “How on earth did you find me?” Face twisting in a grimace he tried, without success, to move his limbs.

    “Your watch. It has a GPS tracking feature. I remembered the sales pitch from when I bought it and decided to see if it worked.”

    Kai’s lips twitched in a faint smile. “Best Christmas present I ever got.”

    “Wait till you see what I’m getting you this year.”

    “Anna listen, there’s a chance I might not―”

    “Shut up Kai. You are not going to die.” She sounded so certain, so determined, so pissed.

    Needing to see her, he cracked open his eyes.

    Micro-braids hung loose about her face. Her eyes, hazel and heavy-lidded, narrowed in concentration as she worked. Sweat beaded her nose and upper lip.

    Never had the phrase, ‘A sight for sore eyes,’ seemed so appropriate.

    Kai closed his eyes again. It hurt to breathe. It hurt to think. The agonizing itch-tingle in his torso as body fought to heal itself, made him want to scream. “You’re not safe here,” he murmured. “They could come back at any time.”

    The rasping noise stopped and even with his eyes closed, Kai could feel her glare. “Babe, you are not giving me the ‘go on without me’ speech.”

    “Course not, love. I just wondered if you had a weapon, in case I’m still out of it when they come back.”

    “Yeah, I took a chance and stopped for supplies at home. I’ve got Misty, a taser and pepper spray.”

    “Good.” He fell silent, too exhausted to talk anymore.


    The click Johanna was listening for finally came. The padlock was thrown aside. It hit the hardwood floor with a thud, raising a cloud of dust that made her sneeze. She rubbed her nose to get rid of the tingle then pulled open the door of the cage.

    Kai tried again to rise with her assistance but it was soon apparent that he was far too weak to stand. Johanna settled for dragging him by the arms. He grunted once in pain then fell back into unconsciousness.

    She was panting by the time she gained the shadows of the adjoining room. Her shoulders and calf muscles ached from the exertion. After catching her breath, she helped make him more comfortable; as comfortable as it was possible to get on the filthy floor of an abandoned house.

    They were in some type of sitting room she saw: faded wallpaper stained with mildew, once white wainscoting that was now a dingy, dusty gray and an old, busted chandelier overhead.

    It was a couple of degrees cooler than the living room and had that close, musty smell that all unused rooms acquire. Narrow strips of light winked through weather beaten shutters but it was not enough to cause further harm.


    Time passed. Kai slept. Johanna sat next to him, guarding his sleep. She faced the doorway, Misty held in readiness on her lap in case their abductors decided to show up. She almost hoped they would. The rush of adrenaline had passed but she was still keyed up and spoiling for a fight. Head against the wainscoting she let her thoughts drift.

    Danielle’s birthday was this Saturday. To commemorate the event, they’d planned a trip to Berkley fairgrounds, culminating in a beach barbecue. The whole gang was supposed to be there: Dani, Sam, Sharon, Noel and Graham.

    Her friends, Sharon and Dani in particular, would be starting to worry right about now. It wasn’t like her to be incommunicado for so long. She’d have to think of something to tell them once she and Kai were somewhere safe.  

    As the ordeal of the past several hours caught up with her, Johanna started to shake. She was sure she’d remember the smell of her abductors forever—a mix of stale sweat, spearmint gum and Old Spice aftershave. Her chest hitched once, twice, and she found herself blinking back tears.

    What if she hadn’t been able to slip the cuffs? Or that window ledge and drain pipe hadn’t been there? What if she hadn’t found Kai? Even now, it was possible she’d been too late. If his exposure to the sun had damaged him enough to prevent him from healing . . .  

    She bit her lip, hard and put her head on her knees until the trembling passed.


    The gurgling of her stomach roused her, reminding her that she hadn’t eaten in several hours. She glanced at her watch. 5:45pm, the sun would be setting soon. Delving into her backpack, she extracted a small battery powered lantern, a couple of chicken sandwiches sealed in Ziploc and a bottle of water. Not exactly dinner by candlelight but it’d do.

    She was opening a second bottle of water when Kai opened his eyes. Sitting up, he raked his hair off his forehead and looked around. “Don’t suppose you have any coffee in that bag, love? I could use a caffeine fix.”

    “Afraid not. How are you feeling?” She handed him the bottle of water.

    “Alive, mostly. Thank you.”

    Johanna looked him over and was encouraged by what she saw. He was still too pale of course, relatively speaking, but no longer resembled something that had been boiled then steamed. Better yet, his wounds had finally healed. Several small, misshapen lumps—extruded bullets―marked the place where he’d lain.

    Her gaze went to his hands, noting their slight tremor and the bleached bone look of his nails. “You’ve lost a lot of blood.”

    It was not like her to point out the obvious. Kai shot a wary look over the bottle of water he’d raised to his lips. After draining it he said, “I know what you’re thinking Anna, but it’s not a good idea. Right now my body’s in survival mode. There’s too great a chance I’ll lose control.”

    “Do you need it or not?”

    He let out a long, slow breath then gave a reluctant, “Yes.”

    “Then let’s do this.” She took off her jacket and scooted closer. Tilting her head to one side, she gave access to her neck.

    Kai’s gaze riveted on her throat, his pupils dilating as he considered her offer. How many times had he kissed that silk-smooth neck? Massaged the knots out of it when she was tense and sore? Now other thoughts clamored at him. Bite. Suck. Bliss!

    No! He had a personal rule. Never drink from those you love.

    She must have seen the struggle in his face. Putting a hand on his cheek she said, “Kai, you don’t have to fight it. I’ve always wanted to know what it was like. Maybe now I won’t get jealous when you go out to feed.”

    “You get jealous . . . seriously?”

    “Well, yeah.” She licked her lips and glanced away, clearly embarrassed by the admission. “I mean you go out to bars and clubs and you get up close and personal with other people. I just don’t like the thought of you being intimate with anyone but me.”

    A look of dark amusement crossed Kai’s face. He certainly didn’t intend intimacy when he fed. But he understood her desire, that secret want every lover has felt, at least once, to be consumed.

    “Always be careful what you wish for, love. It’s going to hurt quite a bit.”

    “Never thought it would be painless.”

    “You’re going to get drowsy,” he continued. “You have to fight it in case I don’t stop. He swallowed, hating himself a little. Hating that he was weak and hungry enough to take the risk. “Anna . . . if it comes down to it, promise me you’ll use that gun.”

    “What?! I’m not going to shoot you Kai. Don’t you think you’re being a little dramatic?”

    His mouth tightened and he drew away from her. Grabbing a fistful of shirt sleeve, she pulled him back. “Kai, I don’t want to be alone tonight, okay. I know it’s a risk and that you don’t want to hurt me and maybe my reasoning’s fucked up but I need this almost as much as you do right now, so you’re taking my blood and that’s that.”

    They stared at each other. His resistance crumbled. “Not the neck,” he said softly. “Your wrist will do fine.”

    “Oh. Um, okay. Lucky for me, I’m considered an ideal donor. Whenever I give blood, the lab techs never have trouble finding a vein.”

    Kai’s smile was wry. “I have a bit more experience than your average lab tech.”

    She offered her arm and he took it. There were old scars on her forearm, reminiscent of a rough childhood. Hoping to relax her, he traced light circles on her wrist with his thumb. Her heart rate accelerated instead. The leap of her pulse made his own beat faster. Her soft, dark skin exuded heat, sweat, pheromones and the residual, primrose-sweetness of soap. Underlying that was anticipation tinged with fear.

    Need slammed into Kai, unwanted but undeniable. His body felt charged―quivering and electric. Saliva pooled in his mouth and his gums ached as his incisors lengthened into fangs. Fist clenching, nostrils flaring, he struggled for self control. After a long, fraught moment, he brought her arm up to his lips.


    Jesus Jumping Christ! He wasn’t kidding. It really goddamn hurt. Johanna tried and failed to suppress a hiss of pain. Red-hot pain radiated from her wrist until he started to suck.

    Well now, the sucking wasn’t so bad. Not quite pleasurable but . . . she could feel the softness of his mouth and a slow, strong pull. Kind of what she imagined a mother must feel when she breastfed her baby. She felt warm, content; unstrung from all cares. Her eyelids fluttered then closed. A minute passed—two then three. Her heartbeat began to slow.

    Don’t fall asleep! her subconscious warned. Remember what he said.

    Opening her eyes with effort, Johanna fought her dreamy haze. “Kai.” Her voice sounded far away to her own ears, breathless and soft. Sliding her fingers through his hair, she made a fist and pulled. “Kai, that’s enough.” She yanked again to no effect. His hair was greasy with sweat and she could not get a good enough grip. “Stop Nikaius, please.”

    I need to get his attention, she thought. What do I do?

    His ears! His ears were super sensitive. Half-dreaming, she followed the thought to action and bit the tip of his ear, hard.

    Kai jerked away from her. Ow! Goddamn it that hurt too. His stunned, red-rimmed eyes found hers. Johanna gave him a loopy grin. “Told you I wouldn’t have to shoot you.”

    She watched as his eyes regained their clarity. A variety of emotions cycled across his face. He wiped his mouth then started to speak but no sound came out.

    “You can feel bad later,” she told him. Already, her grogginess was dissipating. “Right now I’m still bleeding.”

    “Sorry,” Kai whispered. He bent his head to her wrist once more. Not to bite this time but to lick the wounds close. Gooseflesh prickled Johanna’s skin as the soft strokes of his tongue evoked memories of sexier times. It was disconcerting to know that no matter the situation, her body would always respond to his.


    When the bleeding stopped, he helped her to her feet. “All right, love?” His face was calm once more but the huskiness in his voice gave him away.

    “My back and butt is sore and I’m a little dizzy but otherwise, I’m peachy keen.”

    Kai pulled her to him for a hug, his arms a little too tight around her. When she slid her arms around his waist in return, he relaxed then started to croon, “Did I ever tell you you’re my hero?”

“Oh Lord, here we go.”

“And everything I would like to be?”

    “You know, I think I will shoot you after all.”

    He laughed and pressed her closer; stroked long fingers down her back. She sighed, a shivery feeling moving down her spine. It felt so good to hold him but the grossness of his shirt was diminishing that pleasure fast.

    “Anna, are you holding your breath?”

    “Sorry babe, you kinda stink.”

    Chuckling again Kai released her. “Then how about we get the hell out of here, find the nearest motel and you can give me a bath.”

    “Sounds good to me. Can we stop for something to eat on the way? I’m hungry enough to eat a horse.”

    “No problem. There’s a ranch a few miles south of here. It’s a little out of the way but, anything for you.”

    “Ha-ha. You know, I’m starting to rethink this whole relationship. What with the funky eating habits, the bad jokes and always hogging the bed.”

    “You snore.”

    “That’s it? That’s your big comeback?”

    “Some people consider that a deal breaker. Lucky for you, I’m not people.”

    She muttered something under breath. Kai flashed a grin. “I’d love to. But I think we’d better wait until we’re someplace more comfortable.”

    Pursing her lips, Johanna tried not to laugh. Oh Great. Now all she could think about was bed. A big, soft bed with cool sheets and multiple pillows, and sleep, blessed sleep.


    Four feet away from the main entrance, Kai stopped and said, “Company’s here.”

    “How many?”

    He listened. Voices—a conversation:

    … calls me every time her deadbeat husband starts giving her grief. But she don’t want me to hurt the guy, nooo. She just expects me to float her some cash till he gets back on his feet.  

    Does he have life insurance?

    Don’t think so. Why?

    If he had insurance, you could take him out. Make it look like an accident. Then she’d get the insurance money and leave you alone…

    “Two.” Kai’s voice was calm, the look in his eyes anything but.

    “Are they close?”

    “Coming up the driveway now. Is there a back door?”

    “In the kitchen but it’s bolted shut from the inside. I came in through a window.”

    “Go. Wait for me outside. I’ll take care of them.”

    Johanna didn’t hesitate. Hurrying into the kitchen, she pried up the rotting window sash and wriggled out through the opening.


    Hidden in shadows, Kai watched as two men entered the house. The taller of the two had a stylized Mohawk and an abundance of gym muscles. Ex-military, judging by his gait. The other man was blond and at least half a decade younger with a chin that cried out for facial hair.

    The blond. He was the one who’d done most of the talking; telling him what his friends were going to do to Johanna if he didn’t give them the information they wanted; telling him what kind of bullets were in the gun.

    Rage transformed Kai’s face into a cold, hard mask. He balled a fist and mentally recited a few ancient words of meditation. Must. Keep. Cool.    


    Turning on Maglights, the two men proceeded to the library. It took them but a moment to see that the cage was empty.

    “Shit!” The blond frowned in consternation. “Shit, shit, shit! Wasn’t he almost dead when we left here? Where the hell could he have gone?”

    “Looks like someone dragged him out of here,” Mohawk replied. He squatted for a closer examination of the blood leading from the cage. “I’ll lay money it was the girl.”

    Blondie tracked the blood with his light. A couple of spots were still tacky but most of it had long since dried. “It’s possible, I guess. But how would she know where to find him?”

     Mohawk rose to his feet. “That I can’t figure. She pulled a pretty good Houdini on Mike and Sandro though, so stupid she ain’t.”

    Blondie stood there a moment, scowling as he eyed the empty cage. “We shoulda stayed and finished him off when we had the chance. He wasn’t going to talk anyway.”

    “Yeah well, no point in bleating about what we should have done. Com’n, let’s torch the place and call in.”

    They were exiting the room when he caught a flicker of movement in his periphery. He pivoted on instinct, just in time to see his partner slump to the floor. There was a figure moving towards him, faster than he could reach for his gun. A flash of eyes and then a hand closed around his throat.

    The big man’s muscles quivered. His heart jogged. The grip on his throat exerted no real force but despite his focused attempts, he could not dislodge its hold.

    “Hullo again,” Kai said in a soft, conversational voice. “I believe you were looking for me.”


    ~ * * ~


    Outside, dusk had deepened to night. A half-moon slipped from beneath a cloud, lighting up a mauve-blue sky. In the driveway was a large, black Hummer, engine tinking softly as it cooled.

    Johanna sat on the hood of the vehicle, listening to a whippoorwill’s song as she waited for Kai to come out. The puncture wound on her wrist had scabbed over and she scratched at it absently. Thoughts, questions, doubts, crowded her mind, waiting to take her for another spin. She pushed them away. No more dosey-doe. This was not the time to fall apart.

    A few minutes later, the front door opened and closed. She smiled to herself as he came down the driveway, thinking she’d never get tired of watching him move. The innate sensuality in his lithe, easy stride brought a possessive gleam to her eyes.

    Physically, he was the whole package. Tall, well-muscled, gorgeous. His eyes in particular had drawn her to him. She had yet to find the right words to describe their effect on her; how their dark, vivid depths made her feel simultaneously safe and vulnerable.

    All her life she’d been afraid of wanting too much, and she’d never been more afraid than when she realised she was in love with him. Until today that is.  

    “I got answers,” Kai said when he’d reached her. “I know where they meet and who’s in charge.”


    “Ever heard of Angelo Altieri?”

    “The motivational speaker?”

    “Motivational speaker and cult leader. They call themselves the Brotherhood of Mankind. They believe that after Cain killed his brother Abel, God cursed him with vampirism and that all vampires originate from his bloodline. Their mission is to find and destroy the descendants of Cain.”



    “Well, I always thought that guy was shadier than a mole burrow but not crazy. What I want to know is how they know what you are.”

    Kai leaned against the Hummer and crossed his arms. “According to the fellows inside, their intel said I was and, apparently, that’s all the proof they needed.” His expression hardened. The dangerous light was back in his eyes. “This Brotherhood of theirs has been hunting my kind for the past five years. I’m going to make them regret that they’ve succeeded.”

    “What are you going to do?”

    “A little investigation, for starters. I need to learn more about this cult; who its members are and whether or not Altieri alone is running things.”

    Johanna nodded her approval. She glanced at the house. “What did you do with those two?”

    “They’re alive. In a few minutes they’ll wake up and report that I was eliminated as planned.”

    “You compelled them?”

    “They might prove useful in the near future.”

    “I have an idea. Why not make them shoot Altieri? He won’t see it coming and it’d cause some chaos among his followers for awhile.”

    Kai’s brows rose in surprise. He gave her a searching look. Tilting her chin, Johanna looked him square in the face. “What? You heard me. I don’t care if you kill the sonofabitch.”

    “You might feel differently when you’re less angry.”

    “No, I won’t.” She slid from the hood of the vehicle. “I’ve got a rental parked a few houses down. Are we still going to a motel?”

    “Yes. I want you to lay low until the two who grabbed you are taken care of.” He started walking and she followed. “I’m thinking of calling Dekker. If those arseholes know that the police are looking for them, they’ll be less likely to try something.”

    “He’s gonna know you’re not telling him the whole truth.”

    “True. But that won’t stop him from doing his job.”

    “So, you and Dekker have quite the bromance now, huh?”

    “Is it that obvious? I’m really looking forward to sleepovers and braiding each other’s hair. Unless you think we’re moving too fast?”

    “I don’t know.” She pretended to consider the matter. “Has he given you a nickname yet? ’Cause that’s how you know it’s serious.”


    ~ * * ~


    “Hi Sharon, it’s me. Yes, I’m fine―we’re both fine. Sorry we scared you. Our phones got stolen so we couldn’t text or call.” Stretching the cord as far as it would go, Johanna popped back into the bathroom to grab the deodorant she’d picked up from a Walmart along the way. A waft of soap-scented steam followed in her wake.  

    “We’re at the Deep River motel in Pryburn. Kai said he was coming out here to meet a client and asked me to tag along. I guess you can call it a business trip.” Tucking the phone between ear and shoulder, she lifted an arm to apply.

    “Anyway, we stopped at this breakfast diner and some jackhole robbed the place and stole our phones. We’re buying new ones tomorrow.

    No-no, no one was hurt. The guy just made everybody give up their cash and cell phones and took off. This one waitress looked like she was ready to go after him. She was pretty pissed he took her tips.

    So how’s everything? You talk to Dani today? I tried calling but all I got was her voicemail.

    Oh, right. I forgot that was tonight. Well, tell her to call off the manhunt. I know she’s called Dekker at least a dozen times by now.

    Yep, pretty standard. Ugly carpet, crappy resolution on the TV, non adjustable air conditioning and I’m pretty sure a black light in this room would freak me out.

    Uh-huh. We’ll be back soon, another day or two at the most. But we’re not going to miss the outing. If things aren’t wrapped up by then, we’ll drive down to Berkley from here.

    So, how’d the first day with the new manager go?

    Really? Likable and efficient? Just who does he think he is?”


    When the call ended some minutes later, Johanna dropped the motel phone back into its cradle and wrapped only in a towel, flopped back onto the bed. Yawning, she curled into her favorite position and closed her eyes. I’m getting way too good at lying to my friends she thought. But now that she knew they wouldn’t be worrying themselves sick, she could finally get some sleep.

    “G’night babe,” she called out. “See you sometime next week.”

    “Good night love,” Kai returned. He stood on the second floor walkway, just outside the door of their room with a cup of coffee in hand. He wore sweatpants and a fresh t-shirt, also purchased at Walmart. His shoulder length hair, still damp from the shower, clung to the fabric of his shirt. Rain fell, a soothing patter in the near empty parking lot.  

    Kai sipped coffee and gathered his thoughts. In the back of his mind was a niggling suspicion. One that took credence the longer he thought about it.

    Someone in the upper of echelons of the Intelligence Bureau was involved with the Brotherhood. It would explain how he’d gotten on their radar in the first place.

    The existence of his race was a top level secret and the database that held this information, including names, photos and date of birth, was encrypted and supposedly un-hackable. Either the improbable had happened or someone with access was helping them.

    For profit? Did their views align with Altieri and his followers? Or was it possible that the so called guru was a pawn in much a larger game.

    Kai’s fingers tightened on the cup. He was anxious to do something. Take action. He needed something to distract him from thinking about what he’d almost lost today.

    The woman he loved had been kidnapped because of him. If that wasn’t bad enough, he’d almost killed her himself. Thinking of life without Johanna he felt sick and cold and drained, as if his life’s blood was leaking out of him again.

    He considered leaving, walking out of her life for good. She’d never forgive him of course and he wasn’t deluded enough to think her life would be rosy from here on out but at least he’d no longer have to worry that their relationship would get her killed.

    Ah, Fuck it. Who was he kidding? He wasn’t noble. He could no more give her up than he could give up drinking blood.

    He finished his coffee then decided to go for a walk.


    ~ * * ~


    Johanna was tossing in her sleep. The silk head-tie she’d worn to bed had come off and some of her braids were trapped beneath her. Lifting her gently, he freed her hair so she wouldn’t have a headache in the morning.

    He’d removed her towel and was securing the sheets around her, when she woke with a shuddering gasp. Large, tearful eyes gazed up at him, her face creased in anguish as if someone had hooked her heart right out of her chest.

    Moving swiftly, Kai sat on the bed and pulled her onto his lap. She buried her face in his chest and sobbed while he stroked her hair and back. After a long while, she pulled away to sit lotus-style on the bed, naked except for panties and unmindful of the room’s AC chill.

    “Do you want to talk about it?”

    “Not yet. Give me a minute. What time is it?” She rubbed at her eyes with the heels of both hands.

    Kai glanced at his wrist. No watch. He’d left it in the bathroom. They both turned to look at the plastic alarm clock on the night stand. 2:34AM

    Johanna huffed a breath. “Damn. Looks like I’m done with sleep for the night.”

    “Do you want to watch tv? There’s a Prime Suspect marathon on channel 8.”

    “Sure, why not?”

    Taking up the remote, Kai stretched out beside her and turned on the tv.

    Johanna stared unseeingly at the screen. Her body radiated tension and she kept twisting and untwisting sections of hair. About twenty minutes in, she turned to face him. “What did Dekker say when you called?”

    “He’s sending an officer later today to get your statement.”

    A little tension went out of her. “Okay, good.”

    Five minutes later, she got up and went into the bathroom. She reappeared looking clearer-eyed, her face freshly washed. “I brushed my teeth,” she announced from the doorway. “Do you wanna have sex?”

    “My favourite come on,” Kai replied in his driest tone. “I think we should talk about what’s eating you first.”

    “Can it be you?”

    “Tsk-tsk, love. What about my needs. You know how much a good talk gets me in the mood.”

    A fleeting smile curved Johanna’s lips. She walked back to the bed and sat down. Kai muted the tv then changed positions so that they were sitting side by side.

    “I’m fine, Nikaius. I’m just trying to shake off a bad dream. It’s been a while since I had one so I’d forgotten how bad they could be.”

    Bullshit, Kai thought. Her eyes were downcast and she was fussing with her hair again. This was about more than just a bad dream. His expression turned grim as he considered what it might be. Voice gentle, he asked, “Anna, did something happen while you were abducted that you’re not telling me?”

    She looked up at him eyes blazing. “No! I would have told you. This isn’t about what happened to me. It’s about what happened to you. I mean, I know you’re not immortal or invulnerable but still, you’re a fricking vampire. And if I’m honest, part of the reason I’m with you is that I knew—I believed, that I’d never have to watch you die. I’d never have to get that phone call or that knock on the door from someone, telling me you’d died. But you came close yesterday. Too close. And now I’m scared and angry.” Her voice rose. “I want to hit something. I want to scream. And I know you’re thinking of doing something stupid, like leaving me for my own good and Kai, I’m so sorry I pushed you into biting me. I always think I can control every situation and I can’t. You think I’d learn but I . . .” She didn’t get to finish because his mouth was on hers, stemming the flow of words.

    Desire surged between them―the touch of lips and tongue and hands—heating skin, whetting appetite. He kissed her thoroughly, deeply, savoring the taste of her, warm and sweet and achingly familiar. She straddled his lap, pressing as close as skin allowed, her mouth as demanding as his. He settled his hands on the plump curves of her backside and pressed her closer still.

    When their lips finally parted Kai said, “I’m here. I’m alive. I’m not going anywhere.”

    Eyes luminous, she gazed at him for one long moment. “Okay.” She kissed his neck. “Good talk. I appreciate it.”

    In one fluid move, Kai rolled her onto her back. “Oh, we’re not done talking yet.”




Some Violence Required
I usually write stories with a dark bent but I'm also a sucker for a good romance. I don't know if this qualifies as a romance, good or otherwise but I had a lot of fun with these characters. I'll probably expand on this in the future but for now this is just a sketch to introduce Johanna and Kai.


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Nothing Gold Can Stay - Robert Frost

Nature's first green is gold,
Her hardest hue to hold.
Her early leaf's a flower;
But only so an hour.
Then leaf subsides to leaf,
So Eden sank to grief,
So dawn goes down to day
Nothing gold can stay.


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